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Stay away from Uggbootsky a beautifully set up website that appears to be seeling authentic Uggs for 50% off Weel what you get is Fake Uggs that smell like chemicals mailed to you from China.I spent $110.00 on a pair of boots and spent $146.00 to Fed Ex them so that I could have a tracking number.

Well they received them back 14 days after the purchase and will not refund my money.

Everytime I e-mail them about my refund they give me an excuse as to why there is a hold up well after almost 2 months they finally said it's been over 14 days and they can't refund my money!so I am basically out of $256.00 and do not even have the fake uggs to show for it!



I noticed they have changed their name and webpage to No wonder. Still SCAMMING customers, but on a new website.


Worst online experience ever!They are online crooks!!!

Don't buy anything from them.Agree with all the comments above.



DO NOT BUY HERE! They don't sell authentic stuff. You can't return stuff without a huge cost. Their purchase website is not secure.


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